KW2 pro motor + 5mm adapter

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We are proud to announce our new motor from KopterWorx laboratories, the perfect choice for all Naza and FPV users, no more problems with DJI Naza stock motors.

Unprecedented power to weight ratio, outperforming everything else in its class.
KW2 pro motor the superior motor for multirotor, field proven and won't let you down on the job.

KW2 pro is equialent/better with AXI 2217

Technical Info

  • Lithium cell count: 3-4s
  • Continous current: 10A
  • Maximum load current. (180 sec): 17 A
  • No-load speed: 840 rpm / V
  • Recommended Propeller Size: 9" .. 11"
  • Mechanical power: 200 W
  • Thrust max.: 1200 g
  • Wire length: about 40cm
  • Total weight (without cable): approx 75g
  • high strength Neodymium magnets (lower Rm than leading competitor motors for more power)
  • Genuine EZO japanese ball bearings
  • hardened & polished shaft
  • highest quality CNC machining in the industry
  • dual mechanical magnet retention (even if there there is an adhesive failure, magnets will not dislodge)
  • preinstalled prop adapter and bullet connectors (plug & play motor)
  • all black finish for a professional looking installation
  • short shaft design for interference free installations
  • 5mm Propeller adapter shaft included and mounted

Connectors 3,5mm bullet.


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