InfinityMR-S2 - 3axis gimbal with encoders

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NEW version of succesfull Infinity MRS, stronger, lighter, better.В В Ready to use, initially tuned out of the box.
Weight: 560g without damping system / 628g with damping system

Infinity MR-S2 is a light, powerful, reinforced gimbal for Sony A6500 size cameras. Thanks to its smart design and top-quality materials, it is only 560g, what makes it one of the lightest gimbals in this class! Built-in slipring connector allows for clean wires routing and saves additional weight (as you don’t need to use separate battery for gimbal only). AlexMos controller with encoders delivers best quality stabilization both in the underslung and inverted modes.

1. В  В  В 3axis IMU and encoder based stabilized gimbal
2. В В В В В Supported cameras: Sony A6500; Sony A6000 and all similar (up to 900g grams)
3. В В В В В Weight: 560g without damping system / 628g with damping system
4. В В В В В Underslung and inverted mode
5. В В В В В Built in slipring with 4 wires for additional devices
6. В В В В В Operating voltage: 3-6s lipo
7. В В В В В Reinforced carbon fiber for best rigidity and lowest weight
8. В В В В В Basic water and dust resistance
9. В В В В В Dedicated encoder motors
10. В В AlexMos 32bit controller
11. В В Ready to use, initially tuned out of the box

Antivib adapter plate is included in the set.

Every gimbal is tested so there is no way that gimbal not working out of the box.

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