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Scherrer RX700LR Boosted Long Range UHF RX

Scherrer RX7...

Rx700LR+PSU has much higher immune PSU for big/digital servos that draws a lot of power, if not t..

149.90€ Ex Tax: 122.87€

Scherrer RX700LR Long Range UHF RX

Scherrer RX7...

Rx700LR, is the newest version of the beloved TSLRS RX it comes with a set of great new or update..

139.90€ Ex Tax: 114.67€

TBS tuned ImmersionRC EzUHF TX

TBS tuned Im...

  This transmitter is modified by Team BlackSheep to support lower voltage in..

249.90€ Ex Tax: 204.84€

TBS NA-771 EzUHF Tx Antenna

TBS NA-771 E...

The Nagoya NA-771 is the TBS UHF-transmitter antenna of choice. Using high power you can expe..

25.90€ Ex Tax: 21.23€

TBS 1/4 Mono Rx Antenna

TBS 1/4 Mono...

Single-strand quarter wave antenna for the best reception quality. Built according to the "Sa..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.93€

MB1200 XL-MaxSonar-EZ0 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder

MB1200 XL-Ma...

The tiny indoor XL-MaxSonar® sensor line are less than 1-cubic-inch in size, yet the sensor puts ..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€

ImmersionRC EzUHF TX

ImmersionRC ...

The EzUHF transmitter is a true powerhouse with a wealth of connectivity broadening the horiz..

219.90€ Ex Tax: 180.25€

ImmersionRC EzUHF 8ch Lite RX

ImmersionRC ...

An 8-ch receiver in the ultra light edition, with a single antenna and EzOSD connectivity. No..

119.90€ Ex Tax: 98.28€

ImmersionRC EzUHF 8 channel Diversity Reciever

ImmersionRC ...

An 8-ch receiver which supports a diversity antenna configuration, EzOSD connectivity and is ..

134.90€ Ex Tax: 110.57€

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