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dji 2,4G Blu...

2.4G Bluetooth Datalink Functions 1. Provides communications between the Ground..

249.90€179.89€Ex Tax: 147.45€

dji Naza M v...

SPECIAL MEGA COMBO: FREE iOSD mini and Bluetooth LED. Limited stock! Includes: - Dji Naza ..

399.90€339.90€Ex Tax: 278.61€

NAZA BTU Bluetooth LED


BTU Module The Naza-M now provides assistant software for iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, i..

39.90€ Ex Tax: 32.71€

dji Naza LIT...

  All-in-One Design Advanced Attitude Stabilize Algorithm Multiple Flight Control Mo..

169.90€129.00€Ex Tax: 105.74€

dji Naza M v...

  All-in-one Design DJI adheres to continuous in..

389.90€229.90€Ex Tax: 188.44€

dji Naza V2 LED

dji Naza V2 ...

Estimated shipping 15th of May 2013. The Independent LED module makes the indication of the f..

12.90€ Ex Tax: 10.57€

dji Naza PMU V2

dji Naza PMU...

Estimated shipping 15th of May 2013. The Naza PMU V2 has enhanced BEC functionality and provi..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.20€

dji Naza M GPS module V2

dji Naza M G...

Estimated shipping 25th of May 2013. The plug and play GPS module will greatly enhance the pe..

159.91€ Ex Tax: 131.07€

dji Naza V2 M(ulticopter)

dji Naza V2 ...

Estimated shipping 25th of May 2013. All-in-one Design ..

239.90€ Ex Tax: 196.64€

dji Naza H-BEC

dji Naza H-B...

NAZA -H BEC You need this item for the Naza H! This item is NOT included in the Naza-H ..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€

dji Naza H(eli) GPS module

dji Naza H(e...

DJI makes the Naza-Controller better still as before.  With the GPS-Model you get a great ..

154.90€ Ex Tax: 126.97€

dji Naza H(elicopter) +BEC +GPS

dji Naza H(e...

Features All-in-One Design Built-in Tail Gyro/Flybarl..

399.90€ Ex Tax: 327.79€

dji Naza H(elicopter)

dji Naza H(e...

Naza H Naza-H has inherited the All-in-One design of the Naza series of autopilot systems. Wi..

239.90€ Ex Tax: 196.64€

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