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Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider Blue

Parrot MiniD...

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider Blue An ultra-compact drone with amazing stability and sp..

99.91€ Ex Tax: 81.89€

Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo White

Parrot MiniD...

Jump and Roll Anywhere! This fast, rugged and lively addition to the Parrot MiniDrones ..

159.89€ Ex Tax: 131.06€

dji iOSD Mini

dji iOSD Min...

iOSD mini The Naza-M now supports iOSD Mini. This will undoubtedly give you a fantastic FPV ..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.10€

HDMI 2 AV converter mini

HDMI 2 AV co...

New Mini HDMI converter - No power needed. - support all formats - at 99% of cameras no ex..

94.90€ Ex Tax: 77.79€

Cam-Flyer Q + Power-Set (130 W, 12A, 2x mini-servos)

Cam-Flyer Q ...

The electronic flight model "Q" is a small, compact and tough model airplane with the ability to ..

129.91€ Ex Tax: 106.48€

3dr MinimOSD for Pixhawk, Ardupilot

3dr MinimOSD...

MinimOSD, a minimal Arduino-based on-screen display board. It's tailored for use with ArduPilot M..

54.90€ Ex Tax: 45.00€

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