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Mauch Sensor Hub X8 (8 inputs)

Mauch Sensor...

The Sensor Hub X8, is able to collect the current of up to 8 current sensors and pass the sumarized ..

149.90€ Ex Tax: 122.87€

SJ-V01 FPV 7 Inch Headset with 40CH Diversity Rx, HDMI Input (HeadPlay)

SJ-V01 FPV 7...

72 degree field of view7" 1280x800px Immersive DisplayHyperSensitive Diversity 5.8GHz 40CH Receiver ..

289.90€ Ex Tax: 237.62€

OneDrone 8" FPV LCD monitor with HDMI input

OneDrone 8&q...

First True FPV LCD for professionals with no blue screen 8 inch. Sun hood included. This ver..

189.90€ Ex Tax: 155.66€

PX4 FMU (Flight Management Unit) + IO (Input/Output) Kit

PX4 FMU (Fli...

PX4FMU is a high-performance autopilot suitable for fixed wing, multi rotors, helicopters, ca..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 163.85€

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