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OneDrone 5.8 GHz 600 mW 40-ch (with RaceBand) Super Mini Video TX

OneDrone 5.8...

FT958 upgraded version, adding E band 5658-5917GHz, 40CH total RF O..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€

ImmersionRC Uno2400 2.4GHz A/V Rx

ImmersionRC ...

The 2.4GHz Band - Filtered version. Before the advent of..

76.86€ Ex Tax: 63.00€

Fatshark 5.8GHz NexwaveRF Rx (3-band)

Fatshark 5.8...

NexwaveRF 5G8 Beta Band RX (3 alternate bands) The Beta bands RX has specific demodulation t..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€

OneDrone 5.8...

Transmitter packs 200mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power in a micro sized video/audio transmitter! A m..

39.90€34.90€Ex Tax: 28.61€

Fatshark 2.4GHz NexwaveRF Rx

Fatshark 2.4...

Important: there have been reports of this module not providing adequate range with the ..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€

SpiroNet Circular 5.8GHz CL/SPW LHCP Antenna Pair

SpiroNet Cir...

Precision manufactured with very tight tolerances, *each antenna* is 100% tested o..

44.90€ Ex Tax: 36.80€

SpiroNet Circular 5.8GHz Patch LHCP Antenna13dBi

SpiroNet Cir...

This 5.8GHz Left-Hand (LHCP) Circular Polarized patch antenna was custom-designed, with no ex..

69.90€ Ex Tax: 57.30€

OneDrone 5.8GHz Almighty RX32 Gold

OneDrone 5.8...

Are you tired of choosing right 5.8 frequency band. One transmitter on one frequency, second on o..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.20€

ImmersionRC 2.4 GHz 700 mW Video TX - NEW!

ImmersionRC ...

ImmersionRC introduces today their long-awaited NexWaveRF based 2.4GHz 700mW audio/video tran..

74.90€ Ex Tax: 61.39€

CW high-end 1.2GHz CPATCH12 (910-1680MHz)

CW high-end ...

Circular Wireless for OneDrone - probably the best antennas in the world! We are pleased to ..

79.90€ Ex Tax: 65.49€

FY-606 Data Radio 2.4GHz

FY-606 Data ...

For use with

129.90€ Ex Tax: 106.48€

TBS 2.4GHz Whip (7dbi)

TBS 2.4GHz W...

This omni-directional whip antenna is ideal for the quadrotor crowd. It has a flat sphere rec..

32.90€ Ex Tax: 26.97€

TBS Groundstation 2.4GHz

TBS Groundst...

UPDATE 10.2.2013: TBS Groundstations on stock. Compact, elegant, integrated, portable. Many m..

284.90€ Ex Tax: 233.52€

ImmersionRC 5.8GHz UNO5800 RX

ImmersionRC ...

Small High Quality A/V-Receiver. With all 2,4 GHz RC Radios like FASST, Spektrum, Jeti D..

73.20€ Ex Tax: 60.00€

SpiroNet Circular 5,8GHz Patch Antenna 13 dBi

SpiroNet Cir...

This 5.8GHz Circularly Polarized patch antenna was custom-designed, with no expense spared, for t..

69.90€ Ex Tax: 57.30€

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