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DJI Flight Simulator Enterprise Version:Mavic Series Mavic 2 EnterpriseMavic 2 ZoomMavic AirMavic Pr..

1,599.90€ Ex Tax: 1,311.39€

DJI MG-1P Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI MG-1P In...

MG-1P Intelligent Flight Battery..

645.38€ Ex Tax: 529.00€

FrSky F4 Flight Controller with Built-in XSR Receiver + OSD

FrSky F4 Fli...

CompatibilityFrSky Taranis X9D/ X9D PlUS/ X9E/ hORUS X12S/ XJT in D16 modeFirmware UpgradableFirmwar..

79.90€ Ex Tax: 65.49€

DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI Mavic Ai...

Preorder - delivery as DJI posted in 14 days.Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Batteries are made with hi..

79.00€ Ex Tax: 64.75€

DJI N3 Flight Controller

DJI N3 Fligh...

DJI N3 flight controllerSystem-level Solution    Dual IMU Redundancy and Built-in Bla..

429.90€ Ex Tax: 352.38€

ProfiCNC/HEX Pixhawk 2.1 PRO Set, compatible with Edison Chip (not included) + Here GNSS GPS system


Update 19.04.2017: ON STOCK! For detailed usage of In..

364.90€ Ex Tax: 299.10€

ProfiCNC/HEX Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set, NOT compatible with Edison Chip


Update 03.04.2017: ON-STOCK.Get Started on your road t..

259.90€ Ex Tax: 213.03€

EMAX APM (Ardupilot) PRO Autopilot + Power Module + uBlox 7N GPS


Mini APM Pro:Using imported large current LDO instead of&nbs..

109.90€ Ex Tax: 90.08€

NEO-M8N GPS module with Protective Shell for APM PX4 Pixhawk


This is the new Neo-M8N GPS module that includes a HMC5883L digital compass. This module has a hig..

39.90€ Ex Tax: 32.71€

DJI Inspire 2 - TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI Inspire ...

PRE-ORDER: Expected Shipping January 2017"The maximum flight time (with X4S) is approx 27mins. The n..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 163.85€

DJI Phantom 4 PRO - HIGH CAPACITY Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI Phantom ...

Professional aerial imaging benefits from longer flight times. The Phantom 4 Pro has a maximum fli..

189.90€ Ex Tax: 155.66€

ProfiCNC Pixhawk 2 Professional Flight Controller Suite

ProfiCNC Pix...

IMPORTANT!!! Update 08.12.2016: Pixhawk 2 is splitting in two different products:Standard version wi..

259.90€ Ex Tax: 213.03€

Mikrokopter Flight-Ctrl V3.0

Mikrokopter ...

FlightControl with integrated NaviControl: This is the new autopilot for MikroKopter - p..

499.90€ Ex Tax: 409.75€

Mikrokopter Flight-Ctrl V3.0 Complete Set

Mikrokopter ...

FlightControl with integrated NaviControl plus GPS-Module: This is the new autopilot for..

594.90€ Ex Tax: 487.62€

TBS PowerCub...

Stacked compact, a all-in-one power package for your fpv racer between 180 and 330 size. 2-6S c..

164.90€99.90€Ex Tax: 81.89€

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