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FrSky Horus X10S 2.4GHz with added R9M-EU module (868Mhz) LBT Firmware - Sliver EU Charger

FrSky Horus ...

The FrSky Horus X10 and Frsky Horus X10S are the latest transmitters to join the FrSky fam..

549.90€ Ex Tax: 450.74€

MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper

MōVI Firmwa...

The MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper allows for users to recover from an unsuccessful firmware update...

2.44€ Ex Tax: 2.00€

DMD BOOTADMD-V3 Charger firmware and setup micro USB. To update and configure DMD products.



36.48€ Ex Tax: 29.90€

Maytech MT60A - SimonK firmware

Maytech MT60...

MT60A -original flashed with SimonK firmware in maytech MT60A- is a new generation of brushl..

54.90€ Ex Tax: 45.00€

Maytech MT40A - SimonK firmware

Maytech MT40...

MT40A-OPTO-V1 - the best ESC controllers for DJI flashed with SimonK firmware MT40A-OPTO-V1 ..

42.90€ Ex Tax: 35.16€

Maytech MT30A - SimonK firmware

Maytech MT30...

MT30A-OPTO-V1 - Flashed by Maytech - SimonK firmware. MT30A-OPTO-V1 is a new generation of b..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.61€

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