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MōVI Rod Mount Adapter

MōVI Rod Mo...

MōVI ROD MOUNT ADAPTERThis adapter attaches to the end of the adjustable camera plate and allows fo..

177.88€ Ex Tax: 145.80€

MōVI Battery to 2 Pin Lemo

MōVI Batter...

Ultra-lightweight and flexible silicone cable to adapt a Freefly Aux Battery pack to a 2 pin lemo co..

69.00€ Ex Tax: 56.56€

MōVI Battery to D-tap Connector

MōVI Batter...

Ultra lightweight and flexible silicone cable to adapt a Freefly Aux battery pack to a female d-tap ..

35.21€ Ex Tax: 28.86€

MōVI M10/M15 Batterie

MōVI M10/M1...

Freefly MōVI M10 battery is a high energy density lithium polymer battery pack sized for the MōVI ..

65.88€ Ex Tax: 54.00€

MōVI M5 Batterie

MōVI M5 Bat...

Freefly MōVI M5 battery is a high energy density lithium polymer battery pack sized for the MōVI M..

49.41€ Ex Tax: 40.50€

Toad In The Hole (Male Adapter)

Toad In The ...

Purchasing an additional Toad (male adapter) allows for a MōVI with the Toad In The ..

84.18€ Ex Tax: 69.00€

Carbon V-lock Adapter Kit for RED Epic, Scarlet

Carbon V-loc...

This V-Lock adapter kit for for the RED EPIC allows MōVI customers to use small V-Lock batteries to..

285.88€ Ex Tax: 234.33€

MōVI M5/10/15 front Battery holder

MōVI M5/10/...

Front battery holder for Freefly MōVI M5, M10 and M15 for powering gimbal and larger cameras with 1..

60.88€ Ex Tax: 49.90€

MōVI M5/M10 Multi-Rotor Upgrade Kit

MōVI M5/M10...

MōVI M5/M10 MULTI-ROTOR UPGRADE KITThe MōVI M5 multi-rotor upgrade kit allows a MōVI M5 to be use..

289.01€ Ex Tax: 236.89€

Toad In The Hole Quick Release

Toad In The ...

TOAD IN THE HOLE QUICK RELEASEThe Toad In The Hole Quick Release is a sleek, lightweight, low-profil..

323.30€ Ex Tax: 265.00€

MōVI Ninja Star Adapter Plate

MōVI Ninja ...

This adapter plate allows for mounting the MōVI to a variety of accessories.  It is designed t..

94.90€ Ex Tax: 77.79€

Freefly MōVI Controller

Freefly MōV...

The MōVI Controller is a professional grade remote system that allows the operator full control over..

3,619.74€ Ex Tax: 2,967.00€

Freefly Tero

Freefly Tero

The Freefly Tero is a completely new way to move the camera. The system allows for an extremely..

4,873.90€ Ex Tax: 3,995.00€

Freefly MōVI Ring

Freefly MōV...

The MōVI Ring is a lightweight, rigid carbon fiber frame designed to provide additional points of co..

315.98€ Ex Tax: 259.00€

MōVI M10 Full Cage Kit

MōVI M10 Fu...

In about 30 minutes and with a few basic tools, you can outfit your  MōVI M10 with a full..

508.76€ Ex Tax: 417.02€

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