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FatShark Fan Faceplate for Dominator V2/HD

FatShark Fan...

Designed to clear fog from your DominatorHD video goggles in humid conditions, and provide&n..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.61€

ImmersionRC Vortex Mini Race Quad ARF (Race Motors)

ImmersionRC ...

UPDATE (23.07.2015): On stock. ImmersionsRC Vortex Mini Race Quadrocopter ARF (Race Motors) ..

499.90€ Ex Tax: 409.75€

Lumenier QAV...

Details The Lumenier QAV250 V2 Mini FPV Quadcopter airframe is a small yet fully functio..

139.90€59.90€Ex Tax: 49.10€

Lumenier QAV...

Details The Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Edition airframe has all th..

159.90€74.90€Ex Tax: 61.39€

OneDrone Min...

Due to rising demand for 250-class FPV racers, we prepared special combo which packs quality comp..

219.90€179.90€Ex Tax: 147.46€

HQProp DD5x3...

High quality glass fibre reinforced propellers for multirotors - best choice for 250-class FPV ra..

3.90€3.20€Ex Tax: 2.62€

OneDrone Min...

Quality made & durable 250-class multicopter frame, made from quality carbon. Arms are cut fr..

39.90€29.90€Ex Tax: 24.51€

OneDrone Min...

250 Class FPV racer with integrated PCB board for easier & cleaner electronics instalation. ..

43.90€26.90€Ex Tax: 22.05€

Gens Ace 2700 mAh 3S 11,1V 25C

Gens Ace 270...

Spec. - Product Type:lipo battery pack - Capacity: 2700mAh - Voltage: 11.1V - Max..

28.90€ Ex Tax: 23.69€

IRIS+ Replac...

Replacement arms for Iris+ Black and blue available. When ordering please write a note which colo..

24.90€14.90€Ex Tax: 12.21€

TBS Gemini F...

UPDATE, 13.11.2014: Gemini ON STOCK. The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini ra..

659.90€199.90€Ex Tax: 163.85€

Gens Ace 16.000 mAh 6S 22,2V 25/50C

Gens Ace 16....

The best batteries on the world with true C rate. Only for professional! Spec. - Produc..

289.90€ Ex Tax: 237.62€

Gens Ace 16.000 mAh 4S 14,8V 15/30C

Gens Ace 16....

Spec. - Product Type:lipo battery pack - Capacity: 16000mAh - Voltage: 14.8V - Max Contin..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 163.85€

Gens Ace 10.000 mAh 5S 14,8V 25/50C

Gens Ace 10....

The best batteries on the world with true C rate. Only for professionals! Spec. - Produ..

149.90€ Ex Tax: 122.87€

Gens Ace 3300 mAh 2S 7,4V 25C

Gens Ace 330...

Perfect battery for TBS Caipirinha Spec. - Product Type:lipo battery pack - Capacity:..

24.90€ Ex Tax: 20.41€

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