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Mauch Premium Line PL 4-14S HYB-BEC / 1x 5.3V

Mauch Premiu...

Input 4-14S LiPo / max. 60V. Output 5.30V / 3A -> +/- 0.05V –> Ripple 1mV @ 1.5A output curren..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.10€

Mauch Premium Line PL 4-14S HYB-BEC / 2x 5.3V

Mauch Premiu...

Input 4-14S LiPo / max. 60V.Output 2x 5.30V / 3A -> +/- 0.05V –> Ripple 1mV @ 1.5A output curr..

94.90€ Ex Tax: 77.79€

ProfiCNC/HEX Here + Base


This is the Base module of Here+ RTK GNSS set. For a complete RTK solution, you will need both ..

399.90€ Ex Tax: 327.79€

ProfiCNC/HEX Here + V2 Rover


This is the Rover module of Here+ RTK GNSS set.  F..

329.90€ Ex Tax: 270.41€

ProfiCNC/HEX Green Cube


INSIDE THE CUBE  An STM32F427 Rev 3 Flight management unit. (where the flight controller l..

189.90€ Ex Tax: 155.66€

Profi CNC/HEX Here GPS portable

Profi CNC/HE...

Used for connecting Here GNSS or Here+ GNSS Rover to GPS 2 port in PH2.1 only useful when ..

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.38€

ProfiCNC/HEX PH2.1 Cable set


Cables for accessories are JST to DF13 cables which are compatible with old pixhawk accessories, suc..

19.90€ Ex Tax: 16.31€

Profi CNC/HEX Power Brick Mini

Profi CNC/HE...


29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.51€

ProfiCNC/HEX TheCube



239.90€ Ex Tax: 196.64€

PSM (Power selection module)

PSM (Power s...

Power inputs must be between 4.4v and 5.7vPower output is the same voltage as the selected input.Pow..

39.90€ Ex Tax: 32.70€

ProfiCNC/HEX Core (Multi-Rotor Carrier Board)


FEATURES AT-A-GLANCEUp to 12-cell Lithium battery (50.4V)140A continuous current with 280A surgesPow..

239.90€ Ex Tax: 196.64€

Profi CNC/HEX Mini Carrier Board

Profi CNC/HE...

Mini Carrier Board has the standardized DF17 connector which allows user to connect it to every vers..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.20€

DJI Matrice 600 Series - Power Source Hub Kit

DJI Matrice ...

DJI Matrice 600 Pro (M600) - Power Source Hub KitPower Source Hub Kit as spare part for your DJI Mat..

42.70€ Ex Tax: 35.00€



T-motor MF2211 22,4x9,4 folding prop pair CW+CCW..

74.66€ Ex Tax: 61.20€

T-motor MF2211 22,4x8,0 folding prop Pair

T-motor MF22...

T-motor MF2211 22,4x8,0 folding prop pair CW+CCW..

58.80€ Ex Tax: 48.20€

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