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ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX

ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX
ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX
ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX
ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX
ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW Video TX

New Model: Measuring just 50x23x15mm, that's 40% smaller than its predecessor!

The solution to your 2.4GHz radio gear incompatibility issues - 5.8GHz video gear from ImmersionRC!

The product will accept an input voltage of 3-6s and includes a sophisticated switching regulator to power itself and your 5V camera cleanly and efficiently.


  • Super-quiet, high efficiency switching regulator
  • Small, light weight, all-in-one A/V transmitter solution
  • 5V camera power, ideal for a KX131/ SN555, is generated onboard.
  • No interference with sensitive RC equipment by design
  • High bandwidth stereo-audio channels, ideal for sending down high-speed telemetry data.
  • Two sets of A/V connectors, for easy patch-in of an audio source
  • FM Audio/ Video Modulation
  • 50 ohm antenna impedance
  • 1Vpp Video Input level
  • 3V pp Audio Input Level
  • Input Voltage Range: 3-6s
  • For use by licensed Radio Amateurs only in the UK. May also require a licence to operate in other countries. Please check before use.

Nb. Never power up a transmitter without the antenna attached. This will damage the transmitter.

Regulatory Notice
The use of this product may be prohibited in your country/region/state. Please verify that the RF output power and frequencies used by this transmitter comply with local rules in regulations, this product may require a HAM license to operate.

In EU, max. output power of video transmitters for general unlicensed use is limited to 25mW on 5.8GHz and to 10mW at 2.4GHz frequency. Transmitters with bigger output power may be legally used if you have HAM license (you can ask about obtaining a license in your local radio club) or if you are using this product for research/scientific purposes in controlled environments.

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