Gremsy T1 bundle for FLIR Duo Pro R

  • Gremsy
  • GR-T1-B
  • 3
  • 1,389.99€

  • Ex Tax: 1,139.34€
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This bundle supports you to install Flir Duo Pro R on Gremsy T1, beneath drone system and easily to connect to:

• PWM1, PWM2 Remote Control
• Power in 12VDC
• Analog Video Output

Learn more diagram in overview.
*Please note that if you maybe need to add T1/T3 – Power cable for M600.

This is a very small form factor and light weight damping system suitable for T1/T3 . It can be mount under M600, S900, S1000 platform easily or any drones which has dual carbon rod (12mm) underneath. Rubber balls used on the damping has silicone inside to furthur remove high frequency vibration and deal with vibration better than normal rubber balls.

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