GoPro Hero 3 Black+ with Ribcage pre-installed & tested

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PRE-ORDER: GoPro cameras with pre-installed Ribcage will be available around 10th of January 2014. Lenses shown on the photos are not included!

Product Description

Get you GoPro Hero Black+ with Ribcage modification quick before they’re gone! It’s a fully modified and tested camera that’s ready to go! The original lens has been removed and included for use if desired (other lenses not included). Package includes removable tripod mount, CS-Mount ring with adjustable flange distance, 5mm C-Mount spacer ring, micro Allen key and IR cut filter. Re-packaged with the original remote control and accessories.

Product Description

The world’s most versatile camera just got better.

Finally, a light weight, small form factor camera with interchangeable lenses! It’s the GoPro Hero3+ Black that you know and love, but supercharged with Back-bone’s custom all aluminum Ribcage kit. Now you have the ability to pick the perfect lens for any situation. Out of the box the Ribcage is compatible with micro M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses. You can attach virtually any other type of manual lens via readily available C-Mount adapters found online and in stores.  Take advantage of what professional lenses have to offer: manual focus control, a more cinematic depth of field, macro shooting, optical zoom and iris control. You’ll receive a removable tripod mount so you can connect your camera to professional mounts and supports. Want night vision? We’ll leave out the IR cut filter if you choose so you can see in the dark with any IR light source! The IR cut will be included should you wish to install it at a later time. Have a difficult lens? Use the adjustable flange distance feature to get the perfect results.

Be a superhero!

Package includes:

  • 1x Ribcage Mod Kit professionally installed on a Hero3+ Black camera
  • All manuals, accessories and cables included with the original product
  • 1x Original camera lens, prepared for use in the Ribcage.
  • 1x IR cut filter – either installed or included for installation at a later time.
  • 2x Micro Allen key for adjusting the flange distance.
  • 1x packet of spare screws and hardware

Some of FAQ from Manufacturer:

Is it compatible with Hero 3 +, White / Silver etc.?
– Ribcage is fully compatible with Hero3+ Black. We are developing the Ribcage with the Black versions primarily in mind because of their high end features.  The White and Silver versions have different image sensors so our internal connector will most likely not work with them.

How much does it weigh?
– The current completed camera weight is 44 grams or 1.55 ounces without lens. The tripod bracket is an extra 10 grams or 0.35 ounces. An average M12 lens weighs approximately 8 grams or 0.28 ounces. Our mod replaces approximately 22 grams of existing material so the added weight of the GoPro with our mod is +22 grams or +32 grams (with tripod attachment). The weight of CS and C-Mount lenses is of course the choice of the end user, but the weight in most cases is available from the manufacturer. More weight information can be found here:

Does the Ribcage fit over the GoPro lens?
– No. The GoPro lens is not suitable to be modified in this way so the Ribcage is designed to be a complete lens replacement kit.

What if I’m not comfortable performing the mod myself?
– We also sell pre-modified cameras for those who want a completed solution.

What lenses will it support?
– At its base the Ribcage is a CS-Mount camera. C-Mount is achieved by adding a 5mm spacer, after that it will support just about every type of manual lens via readily available adaptor rings. It supports miniature M12 ‘board’ lenses also for maximum weight savings. Some M12 lenses may require an M12 to CS adaptor to achieve proper focus. This adaptor will be offered from our shop. Please note that fully automatic lenses cannot be controlled by the camera.

What is the ideal lens?
– The crop factor can vary significantly depending on what lens and adaptor are used. 1/2” CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses are ideal and will result in minimal cropping. 2/3” versions of these lenses are also excellent. Miniature lenses designed for 1/2.3” sensors should result in no cropping. Full frame 35 mm SLR lenses will result in a crop factor of 5.7, so we’ve found that wider angle lenses are a better option depending on the application. We are currently investigating the use of focal reducers or ‘speed boosters’ to significantly reduce the crop factor. More lens buy tips are available here:

Will it fit in my existing mount / housing / gimbal?
– The rear portion of the GoPro has not changed, however the front plate is slightly thicker and when using CS and C-Mount lenses the lens ring is larger and will protrude out farther. When using M12 lenses the CS and C-Mount rings can be removed. The inner M12 ring that’s left is the same dimensions as the original lens. The lens is of course up to the user. The Ribcage will not be able to fit into the stock waterproof housing at this time, although provisions for this may be created if there is enough demand. We will also be providing a tripod mount and various attachment accessories for connecting to the existing GoPro mounting system. Measurements are available here:

How can I focus the lens when I’m not using the LCD BacPac?
– We recommend using the LCD BacPac when possible, however external HDMI monitors can be connected, as well the GoPro smart phone app can be used. We also recommend the use of a printed focus pattern when using small screens. Many variations of these patterns are available by doing a quick internet search. When using the camera for UAV filming, we recommend setting the lens focus to infinity while connected to a monitor, and then attaching it to your gimbal or mount.

Do I need any special equipment for night vision?
– The Ribcage has a removable IR cut filter so it can be used for night vision. In order to take advantage of this feature an IR light source is required. We recommend using a battery powered IR LED panel for most situations. These are readily available through a number of vendors online.

Will my WiFi remote still work?
– Yes, all the core functionality of the original camera is intact.



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