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For use in combination with FY-DOS. Package includes: HORNET OSD, Current sensor, wiring


    Hornet FY - OSD video overlay module is essential to FPV flight. It can overlay flight telemetry information onto your video image. The telemetry information displayed includes flight altitude, flight speed, flight direction, home direction, Power battery voltage, current and battery power consumed and so on. You also can save the telemetry information to a MICRO SD card, for then realizing trace playback via the GCS software.

    Hornet FY-OSD can connect GPS module,FY-31APFY-DoSPanda Autopilot.It only overlays flight telemetry information onto your video image and will not participate in any flight control. There will be some difference in display if you connect the OSD to different equipment. More detail please read the Hornet FY-OSD Manul.

    Hornet FY- OSD includes a current sensor, its maximum input voltage can be 48 V, can measure the maximum current is 80A.

    You can use a remote control channel to open or close the Hornet FY-OSD overlay function. At the present version you have four options for the interfaces.

    In the side of the module there is a SD card slot, which can be inserted MICRO SD. It is used to record the information such as flight path etc. then you can realize playback the flight data via the FYGCS software.

    More detail please refer to Hornet FY-OSD Manual

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