FireFLY6 PowerPACK

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Everything you need to power your FireFLY6!

Our PowerPACK has been specifically designed for the FireFLY6 and has completed extensive testing. With maximum punch of 400+ Watts per motor, turning 10x4.5 APC multi rotor propellers, the PowerPACK propulsion system has plenty of power for a wide range of payloads and flying styles. The custom 30 Amp Opto motor controllers have been proven time and again to reliably handle the stresses of transitional flight and come preprogrammed with optimal settings and wire lengths. Simply connect your PowerPACK to your FireFLY6 power distribution system (soldering required), calibrate your throttle range, and go!

  • 6x motor+controller(ESC) assemblies
  • 3x APC tractor propellers
  • 3x APC pusher propellers
  • all required hardware


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