Fatshark Dominator V3 + FS 1.800mAh battery

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First released in 2011, the Dominator has quickly developed a reputation as one of the finest goggles in FPV.  Already known for their incredible versatility of fit, visual quality, and modular ease of use, the new V3 builds on the outgoing Dominators with a host of enhancements. 

The new Dominator goggle features an immersive 16:9 widescreen WVGA display (800 X 480 pixels, 30 degree FOV diagonal) for compatibility with HD content and HD digital video links.  They are fully side/side 3D compatible, and allow NTSC/PAL auto switching, even while recording to the built in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) without interruption.  Speaking of interruption, if the power is disconnected or the battery runs flat, the DVR will auto-save any recorded video, preventing a corrupted card or loss of data. 

HDMI display port has been beefed up with a robust mini HDMI port for a secure connection to HD input devices and supports up to 720p input.

Modular design means only purchasing the features you need.  Dominator goggles support Trinity head tracking as well as the full variety of receiver modules, allowing you to choose the frequency and functions best suited to your location or situation. 

DominatorV3 ships with a fan equipped faceplate for exceptional comfort and lens fogging prevention.

Another new feature is the improved DVR can swap between NTSC and PAL format as well as power backup to write files should the power be disconnected while recording.   The DominatorV3 has modular bays to support 1G3, 2G4 and 5G8 band receivers and ability to add the Trinity head tracker.


- Fan equiped faceplate integrated
- 30 degree FOV
- Glass optics
- DVR (recorder)
- Mini HDMI
- 16:9 image with no edge distortion
- Accommodates diopter lens (optional)
- Modular design:,accomodates 1.3Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz Recevier inserts (optional)
- Modular design: accomodate headtracker as an insert (optional)

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