Fatshark Dominator HD v3 (updated) + FS 1.800mAh battery

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Included Battery 1800 mAh, and Fan equiped faceplate !!!

FATSHARK HD3 Modular 3D FPV Headset is back in top form with subtle improvements to ensure its continued dominance as the world’s premier FPV goggle.  Digital pilots will appreciate the new 16:9 display format when in HDMI mode to match the display aspect ratio of HD systems.   The HD3 is the most powerful, versatile and portable FPV goggle and the top choice of drone pilots.

HD3 ships with new lower profile Velcro backed (removable) faceplate foam for a more accommodating fit.The FOV on the HD3 has been dialed back to 42 degrees to maintain a large screen experience while delivering crisp optical performance for OSD readability.

Compared to the Dominator HD2, it has reduced field of view to help with the image sharpness.

  • HD3 ships with new lower profile Velcro backed (removable) faceplate foam for a more accommodating fit.
  • 4:3 in Analog signal; 16:9 in HD signal.
  • - Highest resolution display of any commercial video glasses (SVGA 800X600)

    - Modular docking ports for back compatibility with existing RF modules including the soon to be released 2G4 NexwaveRF module and the amazing new Trinity head tracking module. Really easy to fit, plug&play 


    - Fan equiped faceplate integrated
    - 42 degree FOV (38º HDMI)
    - 59-69mm IPD Range (adjustable)
    - Glass optics
    - Support Side/Side 3D
    - DVR (recorder, does not support HD recording)
    - Mini HDMI
    - SVGA 800 X 600 Display
    - Flat image with no edge distortion
    - NTSC/PAL Auto Selecting
    - High definition media interface 720p Support
    - Accommodates diopter lens (optional)
    - Modular design:,accomodates 1.3Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz Recevier inserts (optional)
    - Modular design: accomodate headtracker as an insert (optional)


    1x DOMHD V3 headset with fan equipped faceplate

    1x 1.2m AV cable

    1x HDMI cable with mini to micro and mini to standard adapters

    1x 1800mAh Battery w/LED indicator

    1x Battery charge adapter 

    1x Zipper carry case

    1x DC DIY cable

    1x Manual

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