DYS Smart3 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal with AlexMos

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DYS has been a world class manufacturer for years and one of the first authorized AlexMos manufacturers to adopt the BaseCam control system. Now they offer a GoPro class 3 Axis gimbal for the popular smaller range of MultiRotors.

There is no contest between the look of aerial video taken with a 3 axis verses a 2 axis gimbal.  The problem is 3 axis gimbals have been reserved for the larger cameras and more powerful MultiRotors. Now the Smart3 brings the power of AlexMos and BaseCam to the GoPro class of Multirotors. The benefits of the added 3 axis allows you to fly the camera not just the multirotor, with advanced features as Yaw lock and Yaw follow modes. All 3 axis’ can be controlled via the RC transmitter and various types of modes selected on the fly-live. 

If you are ready for PRO level results but do not want to invest in a huge multirotor and gear… look no further then the DYS smart3.

• AlexMos control board running BaseCam 3 axis
• DYS quality
• 3 Axis
• Various modes configurable with the BaseCam GUI
• Light weight
• Plug-and-play ready
• DJI Phantom Compatible

Weight: 262g
Size: 80x90x90mm
Attachment: Hook/rod (50mm) or standoffs and DJI Phantom support
BaseCam Version: Authorized and full update support

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