dji iOSD mark II

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New version Mark II

Works 100% with Our monitors in combination with S800 and zenmuse!!

comes now with a small extra bord for cameras that have problems connecting directly

to check if your videocamera works also please ask DJI for a list of tested systems

1. Flight data overlay, including Battery voltage, Attitude, GPS, Flight mode, Altitude, Velocity, Distance etc.

2. Users can get firmware upgrade online free to optimize user experience.

3. Can have 2 AV sources go into the OSD simultaneously and switch between them

4. Can remote switch the transmission channel of DJI 5.8G Video downlink

5. Support DJI WKM at the moment, and WKH, Ace One, Ace WP soon.

6. Compact size: 52*41*11mm; 42g

7. Support 3-6S Lipo battery

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