SkyRC D100 AC/DC dual multi-chemistry charger

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Perfect Charger for small and medium range, support NEW LiHV charging.

SkyRC introduce the D100 AC/DC dual output multi-chemistry charger. Offering two independent 100W outputs the device is housed in a compact case with a large cooling fan, tilt stands and a large, back-lit display. The menu is operated using five buttons and the charger sports two internal balancer and temperature sensor ports, as well as a micro USB and a 2.1A/5V USB port. The charger offers several safety features such as an automatic charge current and capacity limit, it can store up to ten different charge/discharge profiles, it checks the battery’s internal resistance and allows to adjust the charge end voltage including a new LiHV mode for the latest generation of LiPo batteries that are good for a charge end voltage of 4.35V. On top of that the D100 can be controlled using SkyRC’s Charge Master PC software or the Wi-Fi module and your iOS or Android smartphone.

– Dimensions: 163x153x72mm
– Weight: 975g
– Input voltage: 100-240VAC or 11-18VDC
– Charge circuit power: DC input 2x 100W, AC input 100W
– Discharge circuit power: 2x 10W
– Charge current: 0.1-10A
– Discharge current: 0.1-5A
– Balancing current drain: 200mA/cell
– Trickle charging current: 30-300mA/off
– LiXX batteries: 1-6S
– NiXX batteries: 1-15 cell
– Pb battery voltage: 2-20V

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