CW high-end 5.8GHz HELIAXIAL58 (5645-5945 MHz)

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Circular Wireless for OneDrone - probably the best antennas in the world!

Helical Antenna 12dBi, 5645-5945MHz, right hand circular polarization, SMA female connector straight. Includes a SMA male-male angled adapter, another SMA male-male straight adapter, and another SMA male-female angled adapter, to connect the antenna in any position.

The circular polarization directional antenna, high gain, ideal for use in the video receiver when intending long ranges. The antennas are right hand circular polarization. Supplied with SMA female connector and including a SMA male-male angled adapter, for direct connection to the receiver. Alternatively they can be connected to the receiver via a coaxial cable with SMA male on both ends (not included). The reflector is 3mm aluminum, the support structure is made of Plexiglas and the conductor and the balun are made of copper.

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