CW high-end 1.2GHz CPATCH12 (910-1680MHz)

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Circular Wireless for OneDrone - probably the best antennas in the world!

We are pleased to announce that the 1.2GHz circularly polarized patch antenna, CPATCH12, in which CW have been working for a very long time, is finally ready to launch.

At 8.6dB, it doesn’t give the ultimate range of the HELIAXIAL12, but its compact size and its 90° wide beam make it ideal for compact lightweight ground stations, and it still provides crystal clear video up to 30 Km (when coupled with a >500mW VTx with a SPW12).

It is designed to be directly attached to a tripod, with the video receiver velcroed in the back.

It is supplied with a SMA pigtail to connect to the receiver, and individually packed in a cardboard box with bubble plastic inside.

NOTE: tripod and vRX are not included in the price.



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