CW high-end 1.2GHz antenna SPW12 (1200-1360MHz)

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Circular Wireless for OneDrone - probably the best antennas in the world!

Skew Planar Wheel Antenna, 1200-1360MHz, Right Hand Circular Polarized, SMA male connector straight. The mast is flexible.

The circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna ideal for use in the video transmitter. Combined with other Skew Planar Wheel at the receiver offers coverage in all directions, with moderate range (10Km at 1.2GHz). Combined with a helical in the receiver provides more range than you might need (more than 50 km at 1.2GHz). All antennas are Right Hand Circular Polarized, and are supplied with SMA male connector. The 1.2GHz version has a guaranteed bandwidth of 1200-1360MHz. They are made of MIG wire coated with three layers of metal-free paint, and the weld is reinforced with epoxy.

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