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The ultimate plug-and-fly wireless video solution specifically designed for the drone industry.

Amimon video modem doesn’t use compression such as MPEG 2/4/H264 etc. We developed a "video modem" with joint source channel coding that optimizes transmission to maximum channel bandwidth and reconstruct missing information at the Rx side. Some people call it "uncompressed" but I do not like to use this term. The quality metric that is proper to use for video modem is PSNR and usually we give greater than PSNR of 35.

CONNEX by Amimon is an innovative Wireless HD link for professional UAV drone applications, and for the FPV enthusiast looking for the ultimate HD FPV experience. Leveraging Amimon’s leadership in the wireless video market, CONNEX brings broadcast HD video quality and robustness standards to the rapidly evolving UAV aerial video arena.

Designed from the ground up for UAVdrone applications, CONNEX packs theperformance, form factor, interfacesand reliability required for getting the job done; anywhere, anytime.

Up until now, true, latency free HD FPV has only been a dream. The Connex Wireless HD link brings us to the next level with its zero latency, full 1080P 60fps wireless video transmission. Can you imagine flying FPV in real-time full HD? Now you can make it a reality with the Connex Wireless HD link.

All professional UAV HD applications now share the same requirement – a robust wireless HD video downlink.CONNEX, delivers excellent HD image quality, zero latency, and the highest levels of robustness.CONNEX employs Amimon's revolutionary HD video technology,widely regarded as the industry standard in the broadcast and cinematography markets. It's 5GHz radio, 2x5 MIMO and automatic channel selection ensures resilient connectivity, free from interference, specifically from UAV controls and 2.4GHz links.

The zero-latency transmission offers live, real-time imaging for FPV, broadcasting, inspection, and mission critical applications. CONNEX’s multicast feature supports four screens simultaneously, each receiving perfect HD images.Simply Plug-and-Fly!

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