The company, formed by Davidson College graduates, will reportedly use two disinfecting drones for the Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers game on Sunday, 11 October.

CNN revealed that the Falcons have already trialled a return of a crowd to games, allowing a small group of 500 friends, family and fans to spectate a previous game.

The company’s drones each carry two gallons of disinfectant spray, which they then disperse after events.

Lucid Drone Technologies

North Carolina’s Lucid Drone Technologies has begun working with sports stadiums in a bid to allow spectators to return to games.

Traditionally large public venues would utilise backpack disinfectant spraying devices, but this new method will save upwards of 90% of the time that would take for an area like a stadium.

The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) revealed that an official at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium official decreed this “the first professional sports venue to sanitise its arena using drones.”

Lucid’s drone disinfectant system can be viewed in action below: