The solution is designed for industrial use cases requiring comprehensive analysis of complex visual data from traditional or drone cameras, as well as thermal guns.

This includes asset condition tracking and identifying business-impacting anomalies.


Kespry Perception Analytics vertically integrates as an ISV solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Reliability and maintenance teams waste valuable time organising and searching inaccessible, unaggregated and difficult-to-parse visual sensor data located across multiple users and systems, Kespry said.

Kespry Perception Analytics streamlines the asset inspection process by creating a geotagged, historical repository for visual data.

“Kespry Perception Analytics delivers unprecedented business insight and solves major problems for industrial companies that have struggled to get meaningful value from visual data in a timely manner,” said George Mathew, CEO, Kespry. “It provides companies with a more complete view of the state of assets than just depending on telemetry data alone. It’s designed with a simple interface to help users intuitively navigate through complex analysis with ease.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft corporate vice president, James Phillips, explained: “Kespry Perception Analytics is an excellent example of a business solution that combines next-generation image and video analysis via the power of Microsoft Azure cloud and Azure AI.

“Kespry’s solution requires incredible speed and network availability to ensure it can deliver on its compute demands and have the resilience and availability necessary as a business-critical application.

“Microsoft is very pleased to be working with Kespry on this pioneering product built on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.” 

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