has new look has new look

After three successful years we decided to move ahead again ... and show this also visually. has new look and new functionalities are coming. In about one month we will launch also our new sister website, which will bring even more robotics to your screens ... and to your homes.

We upgraded both back and front end system of the site to bring you modern looking and responsive layout. And upgraded backend system will enable even better shopping experience and better efficiency for our customers, partners and affiliates.

Changes like this are pretty complex ... so you might also run to some problems using our new website. If this happens, please send us email with description of the problem to
You can use same mail to give us some feedback about how you like/dislike on our new design.

If you experience some problems with new site (or if you just miss old site :)  .... it is still available on (but we prefer to place new orders on new site).

All your accounts (customer, affiliate, ...) were transferred, so you can use the same account you had on old site (in worst case scenario you may have to reset the password).

Thanks for flying high with us for the first three years. We will do our best to become even better.

OneDrone Team

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