3K Carbon tube/boom 700mm/25mm

  • DJ-3K-700
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Top Quality Carbon 3K tubes 700mm / fi25mm 1mm thick for drone arms, extended dji legs, ....

Matt finish.

Carbon fiber high in strength and modulus, chemically stable, resistant to acids, bases, and solvents, 
with a small coefficient of linear expansion, good dimensional stability, high strength to weight ratio, harmonic 
dampening characteristics

1). Lasting Performance 
2). Less Density of aluminum
3). High Strength 
4). Good Tenacity
5). High Corrosion Resistance
6). Excellent Structural Properties
7). UV Resistant Inhibited
8). Environmentally Safe
9). Variety Of Colors For Choice
10). Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic
11). Consistent Cross Section
12). Dimensional Stability
13). Non-Conductive Thermally And Electrically
14). Wide Temperature Range Use
15). Superior Dimensional Stability

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