5.8 GHz Receiver Module for EasyCap USB Capture (With EasyCap USB Capture)

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Unique, Simple, Easy...

Compact 5.8 GHz Receiver Module for EasyCap usb capture. 5.8Ghz Circular Polarized Antenna and EasyCap USB Capture included in this Receiver module.
You can using with any computer while flying.

Sensitiviy is -90dBm
Size: 28x21x3mm
Voltage: 3.2v - 5.5v
Current: 170 mah
RFin: 50 Ohm
Ch1: 5705mhz, Ch2: 5685mhz, Ch3: 5665mhz, Ch4: 5645mhz, Ch5: 5885mhz, Ch6: 5905, Ch7: 5925mhz, Ch8: 5945mhz

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