3K Carbon plate 1,5mm

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Top Quality Carbon 3K plates 400x500mm / 3mm.

Mate finish.

Carbon fiber: high in strength and modulus, chemically stable, resistant to acids, bases, and solvents, 
with a small coefficient of linear expansion, good dimensional stability, high strength to weight ratio, harmonic 
dampening characteristics

1). Lasting Performance 
2). Less Density:55% ~67% of aluminum  
3). High Strength 
4). Good Tenacity
5). High Corrosion Resistance
6). Excellent Structural Properties
7). UV Resistant Inhibited
8). Environmentally Safe
9). Variety Of Colors For Choice
10). Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic
11). Consistent Cross Section
12). Dimensional Stability
13). Non-Conductive Thermally And Electrically
14). Wide Temperature Range Use
15). Superior Dimensional Stability

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