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When we say we designed Solo to provide the best possible user experience for aerial video, we mean the entire experience of owning and using a drone. As fliers and photographers, ourselves—with plenty of our own frustrations about the current drone experiences available—we know the entire experience extends beyond the actual acts of flying around and getting awesome shots. How you get from one shot to the next with your drone is a big part of it. We addressed this in two ways: Every Solo comes with a starter travel case—i.e., “the box inside the box”; and now we’re introducing the Backpack for Solo.

The Backpack for Solo is a durable custom-cut travel case that makes it a snap to use Solo in the field. Pelican cases can be unwieldy, and on-site drone assembly can sometimes seem like an Easter egg hunt. This pack is specially cut to make it easy to pop Solo in and out, and to make onsite setup simple and quick.

The backpack accommodates Solo with the Solo gimbal already attached. This means that all you’ve got to do is unzip the pack, take Solo out, spin on the props, power up and you’re ready to fly—all told, this takes less than a minute. And I know it seems pretty trivial in print, but I’m telling you, the zipper action on this thing is phenomenal. I’m normally not the type to pay close attention to things like zipper action, but really, it’s like the zipper on this backpack doesn’t even have teeth—it’s like a zipper on your granddad’s gums. Okay, that’s maybe not the best visual—how about this: it feels like you’re ice-skating with your hand. But truly: I was taken aback with the backpack’s alacrity, how easily and speedily it opened and closed. And it’s thoughtful design elements like phenomenal zipper action—the design that you don’t notice—that make your interaction with products truly exceptional. (The pack even has rubber feet on the bottom, so it can double as a takeoff/landing platform in uncertain terrain.)

This ability to have your drone ready to go in less than a minute is great if you’re hopping from location to location or if you’re on a high-pressure, fast moving shoot and need to move quickly or coordinate your work closely with others. It also means that if you’re traveling and something catches your eye, you can have Solo up in the air getting a great shot without the usual barriers of setup time and effort, and no tools needed for assembly. The backpack lets you shoot more spontaneously.

You can sling this backpack by hand if you want, or strap it to your back (to one-strap or two? That is the question) and you’ve got your hands free for anything else—gear, snacks, texting, pushups, etc. It also means that, unlike with a case, you can keep your balance in a rugged location.

The Backpack for Solo has room for the Solo copter with attached gimbal, plus the controller, as well as custom fit pockets for two replacement motor pods, up to five spare batteries, two sets of propellers, a tablet and other spare parts. It features a form-fitted, shock-resistant interior, a water-resistant exterior, comfort-padded back and shoulder straps and the styling is sleek and smooth.

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